Sometimes we all just need a change whether that is mentally, socially or physically. A week ago I could not stress it enough; I was so sick of my hair that I was starting to get a bad confidence from it. It was not until I spoke to my friend that I knew what I wanted to do; Cut bangs! So I did.

Still trying it out but so far so good! What do you think?


As a teenager it is hard to surcome the low self-esteem part of growing as an individual, especially at a time like this when we are constantly surrounded by images of which portray what we hold as the ideal at this day in age.

Ever since I stated taking training seriously once again some months ago I have found myself in a place where I can say to myself that I love myself even though I am not at my goal yet. I love myself even though there is work to do but I like myself anyway. No longer do I sit and scroll through Instagram and wonder why I’m not pretty because I have learnt to accept that I am just as pretty.

There used to be a time when I could not even take a compliment. Whenever anyone would say “Hey, you look great today” I would always turn and say “No, I’m not the pretty one, you are” with out a word of gratitude.

Confidence is something that shines from within. As soon as you feel great about yourself people around you will sense a change of you.

Try working out a couple of time a week and see for yourself!



It sounds boring and unnecessary for many who might be reading. At first glance it seems as if it is just another tax to allow politicians to take your money just as it normally is. I do not know about you, but lie many I would like to keep the money I have the right for, for as long as possible. Just hear me out here.

Judging from the response I got for my last environmental blog post I know that you all care about the world your kids are to live in, you care about many kind and want it to survive for as long as possible. We all think with our pockets, whether we want to admit it or not. As the people we are, we will push for keeping the money that belongs in our pockets where it belongs.
If we really want to make a change we have to push for the fossil fuels to be taxed, making them in turn more expensive then they originally were thus leading to lower use of the old sources of energy because no one wants to put down additional money when it is not needed. Instead people might actually turn towards energy that does not cause as much damage as fossil foils do.

Politicians should take a stand and forget the fact that people might be angry at first if the tax is set because whether they like it or not people are going to dislike them. Think about the future.


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I have always been someone who has needed someone to be attached to whether that is a friend or a guy I happened to have a crush on. I guess this is me saying I can be clingy…in a way.

Lately I have had this weird feeling; whenever I have seen someone I am attracted to, I left the feeling of need behind, not feeling as if I would need someone in my life. It was a peculiar emotion, something that I have not felt before. Since being a young girl I always felt like I wanted love, someone to have by my side and suddenly I do not feel the urge.

Maybe this is me growing up.


Ginger shots is something that hasten around the health sector for a while. I never quite understood as ginger has never been my favorite. What is the use of drinking something that does not taste goodie anyway?

It was not until recently when I got my annual throat pain that I decided to give it a go. Apparently the health benefits of ginger are countless including preventing sourness of muscles (which is good for gym rats), it can decrease blood sugar as well as preventing inflammation. That was enough to get me to try it. Now I take it every morning and we’ll see how well it works after a while.

In the meantime you guys should try it too by either juicing ginger, apples and a bit of lemon or blending the ingredients up with some water and straining it afterwards.

What are your health secrets? Let me know in the comments!