As a teenager, it is hard to succumb the low self-esteem part of growing as an individual, especially at a time like this when we are constantly surrounded by images of which portray what we hold as the ideal at this day in age.

Ever since I started taking training seriously once again some months ago I have found myself in a place where I can say to myself that I love myself even though I am not at my goal yet. I love myself even though there is work to do but I like myself anyway. No longer do I sit and scroll through Instagram and wonder why I’m not pretty because I have learned to accept that I am just as pretty.

There used to be a time when I could not even take a compliment. Whenever anyone would say “Hey, you look great today” I would always turn and say “No, I’m not the pretty one, you are” without a word of gratitude.

Confidence is something that shines from within. As soon as you feel great about yourself people around you will sense a change of you.

Try working out a couple of time a week and see for yourself!



It sounds boring and unnecessary for many who might be reading. At first glance, it seems as if it is just another tax to allow politicians to take your money just as it normally is. I do not know about you, but like many, I would like to keep the money I have the right to, for as long as possible. Just hear me out here.

Judging from the response I got for my last environmental blog post I know that you all care about the world your kids are to live in, you care about any kind and want it to survive for as long as possible. We all think with our pockets, whether we want to admit it or not. As the people we are, we will push for keeping the money that belongs in our pockets where it belongs.
If we really want to make a change we have to push for the fossil fuels to be taxed, making them, in turn, more expensive then they originally were thus leading to lower use of the old sources of energy because no one wants to put down additional money when it is not needed. Instead, people might actually turn towards energy that does not cause as much damage as fossil foils do.

Politicians should take a stand and forget the fact that people might be angry at first if the tax is set because whether they like it or not people are going to dislike them. Think about the future.


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I have always been someone who has needed someone to be attached to whether that is a friend or a guy I happened to have a crush on. I guess this is me saying I can be clingy…in a way.

Lately, I have had this weird feeling; whenever I have seen someone I am attracted to, I left the feeling of need behind, not feeling as if I would need someone in my life. It was a peculiar emotion, something that I have not felt before. Since being a young girl I always felt like I wanted to love, someone to have by my side and suddenly I do not feel the urge.

Maybe this is me growing up.


Climate change. It is something you are either deeply passionate about or something you just let be because it is a concept too big to comprehend.

I still see myself sitting at the school desk that one day I had no idea what was coming. It seemed like just another science but it would be one I would end up remembering for a long time after that day.
I had always felt as though the environment was something that we had to protect and the amount of CO2 emissions our race has caused assured but never had I truly understood what was happening.
Our teacher put on Dear Future Generation: Sorry By Prince Ea, a true work of art for which I will be truly grateful for, for the rest of my life.

It opened my eyes to reality. How can we be fighting for rights for various causes if we are not protecting the planet on which we all live? If we are not careful we might be gone and Earth will live on; no one’s rights to be fought for.
I would be lying if I would not say that it scares me to think about the consequences of what could happen if we do not halt the climate change, the seas rising and the corals dying. My children would not be able to see a world I took for granted when I was younger.

But it can be fixed and I am confident that it will work. We all just have to join forces and work together in shining some light on the subject and making sure people are aware of what is happening.
Needless to say, this is not my last post on the subject. I will be starting a series of posts to inform and speak out of what is happening and what can be done to halt the change so we do not go extinct. I hope you join me.


No matter what your view is on food, we can all agree upon the fact that it is a vital part of our lives. We literally have to eat to survive and stay alive or else we will vanish into thin air.

From a young age your mind is set on how you look, how your body should look and how you should be as an overall person. Slowly the ideal set by society is killing the well-being of many of us teenagers. Suddenly we should restrain ourselves from nourishment and engage in over exercising that might actually slowly kill us if we keep on with the regime. You don’t understand what you are doing when you’re in it, you’re just focused on what you want to achieve; a body that may have been achieved through an unhealthy way.
You can get anything you put your mind that’s why this can be so dangerous.

As humans, we are fixated on the aesthetics. You want to look good and fast. You start setting up deadlines of losing 25kg in the course of 3 months when everyone knows it will destroy your metabolic rate with time and you’ll end up with bad fitness levels when you get older. It will catch up with you. You are so fixated on time you don’t realize that it takes time and it should take time if you want to maintain fitness over a longer time.

It is not about the calories you restrict, the apple you ate for breakfast or that you have been able to suppress the need for food within you. It is about feeling good and nourishing your body. Eat the good stuff, move your body and you will feel good. Keep that in mind and you will slowly make your way to a better, healthier life.