Something that struck me this week is the fact that people are no longer willing to read something longer than an Instagram caption. We as teenagers are constantly sucked into images and videos that might not give us anything. In no way, shape or form am I saying that there aren’t any pictures or movies that can change your life. What I am saying is that we are slowly forgetting the power of words.

We no longer want to read. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that technology has developed so incredibly or maybe it has to do with us being hot-wired to be lazy but we would rather watch youtube videos of people screaming at their displays.

Books and longer texts give us something that other mediums might not be able to deliver. They can give you a look into life through other’s eyes and open you to something much greater than you could ever imagine. Words give you the power to understand something deeper than you could imagine and they can help you live your life to its fullest.

I guess it’s time to pick a book up.


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The Earth is a fragile place. A place of which might be slowly dying. A place of which might slowly be killing us.

I was not one who really cared for the environment until two years ago when my ninth grade science teacher showed us a little video and suddenly my eyes were wide open.
How are our children supposed to live on a green planet when we are slowly cutting down all the trees to make our life more “convenient” for our urban, overpopulated world.

It is easy to forget that our actions have consequences no matter how small we think we are. But we can change turn everything around together, one step at the time because we are strong and every small deed makes up for the bigger picture.

The way you consume, the way you live your life does have an effect on the world and if you decide to make it a good one, the rest of the world will follow.


It’s been awhile. I guess there is no way I could come up with a better excuse than having a huge workload; something that is unavoidable when you are a part of the IB. Although I have not been active here I have had the biggest urge to write because of how light I feel after my feelings have flown into my the words that have lingered from my the tips of my fingers.

I want to be writing more but the issue is always what to write about. In a way it feels as if I have abandoned this place of reconciliation because of the fear of becoming too personal. At the same time I want to come with the ideas I hold but there is always a fright of hurting someone and feeling like targeting people without thinking about it.

I stand thinking about what to write, wanting to touch people and pressing their buttons to get them to start thinking a bit more. I guess it is time to experiment a bit.

If any of you reading this have an idea, please present them to me and reach out to me.  It would be nice to get some input and feedback. 



Never did I think I would fall in love with a city as I have fallen in love with York in North England. Although the streets were bare on Christmas day it caused a feeling of nostalgia and wonder lust within me. Everything is so pretty there, whether it is York Minster or the old wall of the town.

The small allies were my favorite. Somehow they got me wondering what would lay behind them. Stores that we are used to were all around York but they were hidden within the old aesthetic. Trust me, it took me some time to get used to looking at old buildings with signs indicating that there was an Urban Outfitters or Starbucks located within.

The town has so much history, being the old Viking capital. Yet, there is so much potential for the future. To say the least, this was not the last stay in York. It might even be the beginning of a new obsession for me.



Sometimes the world just gets a little too much. Whether it is an internal struggle or an external one, everyone has in some way, shape or form gone through falling into oblivion. Never did I intend my blog to be a place of sorrow or be a quote-on-quote Deep blog but I guess sometimes the thoughts just hit you.

I am not writing this for people to feel sorry for me or anyone else because that is nothing I would want but I feel like I need to say it for the portion of you who have felt the same in some point in time.

You are Enough.

No matter what you are thinking right now; you are enough. No matter what is going through your mind you will always be enough. No matter how much you think you should change, don’t because you are unique and there is no one like you. The world needs someone like you and if you feel like you need to change for someone then you should just stop and ask yourself if that person is worth your while. The only thing you have to do is be yourself.