Something that struck me this week is the fact that people are no longer willing to read something longer than an Instagram caption. We as teenagers are constantly sucked into images and videos that might not give us anything. In no way, shape or form am I saying that there aren’t any pictures or movies that can change your life. What I am saying is that we are slowly forgetting the power of words.

We no longer want to read. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that technology has developed so incredibly or maybe it has to do with us being hot-wired to be lazy but we would rather watch a youtube videos of people screaming at their displays.

Books and longer texts give us something that other mediums might not be able to deliver. They can give you a look into life through other’s eyes and open your to something much greater than you could ever imagine. Words give you the power to understand something deeper than you could imagine and they can help you live your life to its fullest.

I guess it’s time to pick a book up.


Acne and acne scars are something that many of us teens go through, no matter how much we try to hide it. God, how I wish I could just have perfect skin as some lucky people.

This issue concerns such a big part of our adolescent culture, it’s almost scary. I can assure you that a big part of the people you meet on the streets are trying to hide the scars they have received as a teenager.

Recently I have caught myself in the mist of talking bad about myself because of the scars on my face. In no way am I saying that I have as big of an issue that many others may have but it got me thinking.

We are not defined by the scars on our faces, no matter how big or small they are. Everyone is beautiful in their own way, inside and out. Acne does not make you one thing or another. It does not make us yucky or dirty, it simply makes us normal teenagers. Embrace yourself.


When speaking about climate change people always seem to be worried in one way or another. They know what the problem at hand it but usually they won’t know what to do to change although they do know that they have to change something.

Everything starts from the individual. We control what the corporations do and not vise versa. If the big companies see what we do as individuals they will be forced to do as the people please. Money talks.

Many have to realize that they are not alone. Have the courage to go your own way and save the planet one step at the time. No matter how big or small that step is. No matter if it is turning off that light that no one uses or showering for 5 minutes. You make a difference.


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The Earth is a fragile place. A place of which might be slowly dying. A place of which might slowly be killing us.

I was not one who really cared for the environment until two years ago when my ninth grade science teacher showed us a little video and suddenly my eyes were wide open.
How are our children supposed to live on a green planet when we are slowly cutting down all the trees to make our life more “convenient” for our urban, over-populated world.

It is easy to forget that our actions have consequences no matter how small we think we are. But we can change turn everything around together, one step at the time, because we are strong and every small deed makes up for the bigger picture.

The way you consume, the way you live your life does have an effect on the world and if you decide to make it a good one, the rest of the world will follow.



Many times I have been told that I am a deep person. It is something that can be understood when looking at the content I post online, on my blog and on my social media. Understanding where it comes from I still feel as though the people who call me deep just know my thoughts and not always how I am as a person.

Don’t get me wrong. It is not insulting in anyway but labels always seem to get to me not matter what the label is. Many tend to go for what they see without actually getting to know the person.

Everybody knows that people aren’t only the things they post only, it is only a part of them and not the whole picture. How many times have you stubbled on someone’s Instagram and then met them in real life and you realize that they are not who you thought they were?

Try not to label people because everyone is unique and that should be emphasised instead of just one particular part of the person.