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There seems to be this fear throughout the world at the time, a fear based on everything happening in the world. It is like a large portion of the world’s population is scared for the world to end…or at least that a lot is turning bad. Whether it is about inequality, LGBT rights or even politics in general.

What scares me the most is that no one really seems to care about the one thing that could lead our species into extinction; the environment. With the climate change that is occurring, there may not be any of us left to fight for further rights. Earth has always made it, has always been able to recover but it’s the species living on the planet that need various conditions to expand their race.

Aren’t you scared? The rising sea waters may lead us into moving further into land and we are already overpopulated. Where are we going to go? Yes, there have been various fluctuations in the temperature of the planet but it has not been like this before.

The rising temperatures can naturally be reversed if we let it, meaning that we have to keep the temperature at where it is and not worsen the conditions. What may not be so clear is that we can all aid in this fight. Even though it may seem pointless for you as an individual to change a habit it could help so much more than you think. If you make an example other people are bound to follow.

It is us that control the politics and the politicians within. They feed off our needs and need our voices to succeed. Together we could establish laws, putting forth taxes and such that in turn forces us as the population to control our consumption of various different things.

We have to continue to educate each other on the consequences of the change for it is only together that we can make a real change. Even if it would only be The US that would start acting on the environment as Sweden has the world would be getting into a better place.

We can do it together, we can make the world a better place.



Being insecure in general is something that we go through as adolescence. It’s almost as if it is meant to happen constantly. The fact is that the teen years are when you are meant to find yourself and bloom into the person we are to become. We learn to be confident in who we are, our personality and the traits that go along with it. Trying to find yourself is something that makes you extremely fragile, no matter how confident you are as a person. This since you have not gone through the experiences you have to have gone through to end up being the person you are to be for the rest of your life.

If you are a person who has an overpowering trait or something that you are known for you will understand what I’m trying to say. Although you are fully aware of what you do and how you act sometimes it just gets to you. Even though it might just be lightly made fun of it still ends up being the subject of thought that keeps you up at night.

Questions like “Why am I like this?” and “Can’t I just be like everyone else?”. They are questions that should not affect you but they still somehow do.

I guess what I am trying to say is that is okay to have something you are insecure about. We all have things we are insecure about but don’t talk about. Heck, it happens to me every day. Know you are not alone and you will learn to accept yourself with time. But for now, don’t beat yourself up about it too much. You are probably just overthinking.


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Something that I think we have all thought at one point or another is if the amount of selfies we have on camera roll accounts for our ego. Does it matter and does it make you an egoist if you take selfies?

Honestly, no one thing defines our personality or the person we end up being in the long run. Our egos tend to be a subject that is very individual and sensitive. Just because you have pictures of yourself it does not mean that you are an egoist. At least not in a bad way.

You see, I have thought about this countless times, coming to a different conclusion each time. The biggest theory I came up with was that Selfies were mostly taken by the people who felt insecure in how they look and how others view them. This since they would look at the pictures, reminding themselves of how nice they look instead of being sure about their beauty, not needing pictures to remind them.

Now that I really think about it I don’t think that selfies are for insecure people at the same time as I do think that they are kept and taken to remind you of your beauty. There is this human need within us to be someone that people like looking at, even though we might not admit it. It is not as bad as it might seem. Vise versa, it is a good thing, especially in this day-in-age when we are surrounded with media, feeding us expectations all the time.

No, you are not an egoist. You are a beautiful being that deserves to be reminded of your beauty!

What do you guys think?


This may be a very touchy topic for some but it’s late and I felt something needed to be said sooner or later.

Everyone has their own belief system, whether that is somewhere along there being a God, multiple gods or the belief just having to do with energy and the universe. The topic being so tabu in today’s world is something that I never think that I’ll get over. Freedom of religion is a thing but do we still feel as though people don’t just read us for what we believe?

You see, I live in a country if which is really secular in my eyes. Religion is something that is often avoided as it’s a topic that can cause a lot of discussions. I understand that. Even though a big part of people who know you and the faith of which you belong respect you, I still feel as though there is that initial shock. You? I would have never guessed!

It’s almost as though you have to be a certain stereotype to belong. That’s when you almost feel like you have to explain that just because you belong in a certain faith does not mean that you think like the “heads” of the belief.
We’re free-thinking individuals. We don’t have to think like everyone else does.

Because I believe in God and in the Catholic Church does not mean that I agree to 100% of what the church says. Just as much as you are not just a certain way in you are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon etc. does not mean that all the people of the belief think in one certain way.

Just think about it before you think of someone as their religion. Get to know them first and you will get a better view of who they really are. We are not our religion even though our religion is part of us.


Traveling. Something that a whole lot of us love to do. It seems to have grown to be the hobby and the joy of many people these days. We want to see something other than the place we have been living in for the bulk of our lives. We want to experience, something new, something we have not seen before.

Although countries seem to be alluring and they have a way of seducing us, drawing us in, as the new generation we are slowly starting to learn. Travelling is not only about luxury and relaxation, although it is a good focal point at times. Travelling is about learning more about the world we live in, opening our eyes to something that we are not emerged in on a daily bases.

Travel right. Learn that luxury is not the point because then you might as well stay at home and pamper yourself on a Friday night. The point is to fully drown yourself in the culture and beauty of other countries. It is to open your eyes to life and the people you share this planet with.