Happiness is something I really want to get through to you as a reader. Whether the post is about how it is to feel sad or if it is a post about feeling happy; positivity is something I want to be a spokesperson of.

People always strive to be happy, even though they might not seem to know it. Life is about finding things that assist you in feeling the best you possibly can. Sometimes it feels as though people are looking in the wrong place. Somehow we tend to be striving for other people’s happiness instead of looking for happiness in our own life. There is a tendency to think that happiness is only achievable if we have certain materialistic things but it is usually the experiences we have and the people around us that give us true happiness.

Throughout my very short 16 years, I have found to be the happiest when I have stopped in the midst of a fun time with the people I love.

I guess what I am trying to say is that happiness does not come from material or money, it comes from what you surround yourself with and if you have decided to live life to its fullest or not.


Expectations; something I have a constant conflict. Either it is something to strive for to help reach your goals or something that might quite literally destroy you and the view you have of the world.

Being one of those people who believe in dreaming, having hope is something I have always had, no matter what it would be about. But it is dangerous to be too excited or hopeful for something sometimes as it might end up hurting you. I always find that when I am too confident in something it never tends to happen. That leads to me constantly asking myself where the line goes. There seems to be a very fine line between being just the right amount of confident and being overly confident. It is still a mystery to me.

But life still goes on, whether or not your expectations become reality or if you ever really cared about the outcome. Sometimes the only thing you can do is bite your lip, move on and try again next time. Because that’s what life is, right? a learning experience.


I have no doubt in my mind that many of you reading might be stuck in a rut. There is just way too much to do in way too little time. It may scare you and make you feel like you have gone way over your head. Some may feel unmotivated because of the workload and choose to push the responsibilities even further into the future, procrastinating when you should be doing something important that may help you at a later stage, which in turn stresses you out more. You might be having problems in your social life; not seeing your friends as often as you’d want, maybe you’re going through a breakup or maybe you just feel stuck.

Trust me, it just feels like I have described everything going through my life right now and that’s the first step: realizing what you are doing and what you could do better. But here are some steps that have kept me from breaking down each and every day:

1. Don’t plan more than you can do

You might think you are Superman and that you are able to do 6,000 things in one day. Be realistic, ask yourself if you have time to complete your to-do list or if you will just end up pushing things on to other days? Make sure that you are not demotivating yourself by having too much on your plate too soon. When you are done with the first few things you can take on more but don’t force yourself.

2. Smile, laugh and have fun

I am not going to lie. At a certain time, you are just way too tired to talk and you are in no way, shape or form in the state of wanting to smile. All you want to do is lay in bed and sleep all day. But this is exactly what gets us into a bad mood. Smile, laugh and have fun because you can make yourself feel better.

3. Breath

Sometimes it is inevitable and you have a ton of work to do. Make sure that you pick the most relevant piece you want to work on and set a limit to how much you are to work on it today, making sure that you are fully focused. Then move to the next thing. Avoid thinking about everything at once because it will only lead to stressing. Sometimes it is beneficial to have a narrow mind.

4. Exercise

No matter if it is stretching at home, lifting weights at the gym or taking a walk around the neighborhood, there is something with moving that just make you feel better and helps you destress when it is needed. I have always found myself more confident in myself in a period of regular exercise. Besides that, it is a great time to get your mind off of things that are not worth thinking about and putting your mind on things that are worth your thinking time.

I hope these steps helped some of you out there. If they did please let me know and if you have any tips on distressing and surviving please leave them in the comments.



Remember when you were so excited on Christmas to get to see Santa? Or those Easters when you would wait until the Easter Bunny to leave you with your favorite candy? Or when you believed that anything could happen?

Have you ever thought about the fact that we come to an age when our imaginations just fade away? Our life might even get a bit more boring because all of the hype when we were younger just is not there anymore. Life is boring, it is flat and that’s the way it should be. Or at least that is what we tell ourselves without knowing it. Suddenly you are doing it wrong unless the turn out is straight to the point with no imagination.

I’m not an exception even though I try to keep a grip on whatever hope I might have left. I still find myself in the place when I just don’t believe things might happen or I find myself not putting my own spin on whatever is required.

You don’t have to be a child to believe in the wonders of life. You just have to keep your hold in your imagination and your hope because whether you believe it or not, you make your life. You are the potter and life is your clay. Go out and make something fantastic.



Being a teenager, patience is something that lacks in me and many of my peers in the time when everything seems to be instant. We want things to happen as quickly as possible and we never let anything take its time even though sometimes that is exactly what is missing; time.

I have found myself countless times over thinking just because my desires did not happen at the flick of a light switch, maybe I did not get the grade I wanted in a test or maybe I did not go up to that person in the canteen. Sure, it is okay to analyze what it was that you were lacking at a certain time and space but you should not beat yourself up, at least not too much. Time needs to play its role.

Things usually have to be able to take some time whether that is optimal for an individual or not. Take a step back, put your mind on something else and you will get to the point you want to in life whether it takes 2 minutes, 2 months or 2 years. Stay patient and keep working towards your goal.