Just being okay is frowned upon by many. Either you have to love life or you see the glorification of depression. It’s almost as if there’s never a midpoint of which you’re not 100% happy or sad. A point when you’re just okay.

Feeling this way is something that occurs in your life at one point or another, no matter where you are in life. It’s inescapable.

You should not let people shame you for the way you feel. Sometimes feeling down or okay os just something you need to do for no reason whatsoever. It’s just simply a part of growing as a person and getting to know yourself.

You just need to breathe, keep looking at the bright side of everything and keep your head up. True, genuine happiness will find its way back to you and it will fulfill if you have the patience to wait, making the best of what you have.

It’s okay to just be okay.


Getting older seems to be a theme that is constantly brought up at my age. It’s something exciting at the same time as it is something that’s dreadful. Suddenly it’s our turn to do everything. We are slowly becoming the generation responsible for everything around us. We are slowly becoming the rulers of our society and it’s quite daunting.

Writing a CV or a Résumé might just be something little. A thing that brings us closer to becoming adults and taking control of our own lives instead of relying on others. It’s scary to think of becoming older and taking on so much responsibility. Standing for ourselves.

I just find myself pausing when writing my (non-existing) job experiences down. It might seem ridiculous now when it’s out there in written text but it’s getting to that point when we’re stepping out into the wild world, awaiting us.


Something that is quite underrated is the way the people around you affect your feelings. Time after time the same conclusion hits me like a bomb. It’s never just solely about you and the way you make yourself feel.

Happiness always seems to be at its strongest when it comes from others. The kindness that is reflected is something that can never really be paid back in the same way.

I was very strongly reminded of this yesterday evening when my brother was offered to meet his favorite player in the city’s hockey team. The kindness of the people behind the meeting will always stay in my heart as I could not have been happier to see how happy the encounter made my brother. It will be something that will always be treasured by all of us.

The smallest act of kindness can make the biggest of impact and I think that is something that is constantly forgotten in our isolated world.

Pay it forward and your life will be filled with happiness, no matter how big or small the deed may be.


Constantly I am being told that I am not a positive person. That I am constantly drowning myself in negative thoughts; a pessimist some might say. Still, I would like to think that the closest people in my life know that that is not true.

Being positive and being an optimist is not about needing to jump up and down all the time. It is not about having to constantly be pumped about everything that happens. It is about the way you look at life as a whole. It is okay to dislike having to study. It is okay to not want to go to a certain lesson. And it’s okay not wanting to hang out with them today.

Even though you do not like something you might still be optimistic about everything else. You might be absolutely sure that you will get into Harvard or that you are going to get that job that you always wanted. It is with that mentality that you will truly succeed in life even if you are not happy about every single aspect of life.

Be happy and truly grateful for what you have. It is okay to dislike something. You can not love everything, that’s just how it is. But keep your eyes on the price and your look on life as a whole life and you will succeed in whatever you put your mind into.


Growing up usually implies having to learn to make it on our own, whether it is something we want or we can not stand the thought of. Many of us who are stuck in High School, moving on to College still do not know how to handle being alone.

I am someone who relies on the people around me a lot more than what might be healthy. Human beings are naturally pack-animals, constantly wanting to be in a group. But sometimes we just have to embrace the fact that being alone is also a growing experience, one where you might learn new things about yourself as well as getting a new perspective of life and the people around you.

Do not get me wrong. This is not when I tell you to lock yourself in your room and never come out because you happened to have found yourself in a closet. No. Not at all.

Life has a way of being monotonous. It gets under your skin. You have to change things from time to time. Whether that is because you have to or because you want to. You will be happy no matter what, just keep your perspective and look at life through different lenses to find the right one. The one for you.