the road is long
almost too long to really grasp
it’s pure torture
yet i can take it

What’s the meaning?
i guess we only know when it’s over
when it’s gone

i guess it was never there
but everything happens for a reason
it was a reason to find the end goal
to find home

it seemed so right
but it wasn’t the plan
and i won’t blame you
because you helped me find home

home where nothing hurts



It’s not like I ever wanted it to happen
It sort of just did
It was as if you just walked into my life

I was ready for it to stop, to finally let go of the chaos
I was ready to start all over again, but
I couldn’t help it

You, you were just too wonderful
You, you were just too much and
You, you just made me fall for you



Like musicians we all need an outlet, whether that is writing a song, making a choreography, just simply speaking your mind to the people around you or a mixture of different ways to let your thoughts out. Writing has become something that I am very passionate about. It’s almost as if I can’t function properly if I don’t get to write every once in awhile. The words just flow when I sit myself next to a keyboard or have a pen in my hands. It’s like I can formulate my thoughts in a different way than if I would have spoken my thoughts.

My blog has become a very special place for me. One of which I can discuss different topics at the same time as I can my writing and better it. That is why I really want to start a new thing here. Namely; Creative Writing. I feel just as though it is the right way to go to explore writing in a different way. Try poetry, try fiction or maybe just write something based off of something that I have gone through. It’s just a way of writing thoughts down without having it necessarily be something you are certain about or it being an experience that might be just a little bit too touchy to explain.

I hope you as a reader like the path I am taking and that you are willing to stay for the journey because I have a feeling it is going to be a great one.