the road is long
almost too long to really grasp
it’s pure torture
yet i can take it

What’s the meaning?
i guess we only know when it’s over
when it’s gone

i guess it was never there
but everything happens for a reason
it was a reason to find the end goal
to find home

it seemed so right
but it wasn’t the plan
and i won’t blame you
because you helped me find home

home where nothing hurts


Writing. Something that almost feels like second nature. It is something that just feels normal by now. Every time a post comes out my mom always seems to ask the same, flattering question “How do you write like that?”. To be completely honest I have no idea. My fingers just seem to dance over the keyboard whenever I feel like something needs to be said, important or not.

I do not think you really understand that feeling until you start dedicating a bit of your day to just sit down and write something. It could be a journal with all of your thoughts, a fictional peace or even a poem. Writing is a way of expressing yourself that is nearly impossible to do in any other medium. It is a way to put all your thoughts down.

Therapy might be a word that pops up when it comes to talking discussing the benefits of writing. The reason being that no longer does your brain have to grasp all of your complex thoughts and aspirations but it is down on paper, reducing stress.

Just as any other craft people seem to use the old excuse of “But I don’t know how to”. If you really have the will to do something you will try and try until you get to the goal, no matter what it is. As humans, we tend to stop before we even started. Just because words don’t speak to you in the morning does not mean that you are not a great writer. Everything has its time and writing is something everyone should try, no matter what level you are on. Everything evolves.



Something that keeps popping into my life is the need for motivation, especially when it comes to studying. When you have dedicated a big chunk of your life to studying you kind of have to live with it throughout your daily life whether or not it is something you wanted.

I have chosen a route that might not be the best for you but it a route that has always been in my thoughts. Sometimes the difficulty just pops into your head and you have no idea how you would be able to come up with the stress and the tasks that you have accepted into your life. Even though you doubt yourself or your ability to chase your dreams no matter if it is academic or not you will be able to do it if you really want it and if the road was made for you.

We all lose motivation at times but it is whether you sweep yourself off of the ground or not that assists you towards your goal or away from it. Just remember that everyone around you is either going through the same struggle as you are or they might have already gone through it. A cliché is the quote It get’s better but it truly does if you let it. Life will reflect your actions in your life. Continue to keep your head up high. You will make it through this.


This may be a very touchy topic for some but it’s late and I felt something needed to be said sooner or later.

Everyone has their own belief system, whether that is somewhere along there being a God, multiple gods or the belief just having to do with energy and the universe. The topic being so tabu in today’s world is something that I never think that I’ll get over. Freedom of religion is a thing but do we still feel as though people don’t just read us for what we believe?

You see, I live in a country if which is really secular in my eyes. Religion is something that is often avoided as it’s a topic that can cause a lot of discussions. I understand that. Even though a big part of people who know you and the faith of which you belong respect you, I still feel as though there is that initial shock. You? I would have never guessed!

It’s almost as though you have to be a certain stereotype to belong. That’s when you almost feel like you have to explain that just because you belong in a certain faith does not mean that you think like the “heads” of the belief.
We’re free-thinking individuals. We don’t have to think like everyone else does.

Because I believe in God and in the Catholic Church does not mean that I agree to 100% of what the church says. Just as much as you are not just a certain way in you are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon etc. does not mean that all the people of the belief think in one certain way.

Just think about it before you think of someone as their religion. Get to know them first and you will get a better view of who they really are. We are not our religion even though our religion is part of us.



When studying in High School and College it is very easy to get stuck in studying. You constantly want to be on top of your game and the deadlines are always stressful. Of course, you want to be the you can be but there is always a time when you forget that all you need to do is take a break.

I am attending the IB, a program that is very hard and academically demanding. Through the hard way, I have learned that it’s when you least want to and least feel like you need a break is exactly when you should take a break.

Taking a day or a night off is okay, no matter how much you have on your plate. Being tired and worked to the core will just make it worse when you actually need to sit down and study. Not to mention you will decrease stress and feel better all over.
Remember to reserve time for yourself to stay in tune with yourself. You have a bigger chance of making it if you take it as it comes, one step at the time.