Routines need breaking at times and sometimes you just need to change paths because you have been going down the same route for such a long time.

Maybe this was a long time coming but now it is here. If you have been reading my blog for awhile you know what I am all about. I love helping people and helping people understand that they are not alone. In our generation especially we are surrounded my things that make us look down on ourselves. I don’t think I have met people whom hate themselves as much as we do. We need to be there for each other and to lift each other up and remind each other that life is beautiful.
You would also know that I have been writing about the same things over and over again, never really exploring other aspects of the world we live in. That is why I need something new, I need to turn off the highway and enter  smaller road.

I am going to start a podcast. One which will discuss different topics and different ideas. I will be having different guests and no episode will be alike.

I hope you’ll enjoy the ride and if there is anything that you want to hear me talk about, don’t hesitate to tell me.

Sincerely, Melissa


Many of us, millennials have a sense of fear for the world because of the political, social and natural climate of today. Smart enough to see it we are scarred for everything looking too much like what it did in 1914. More nationalists are coming through at the same time as Mother Earth is slowly plotting Her revenge for what has been done against her. It looks bad and without a doubt things could go south any second now.

But millennials are smart, knowing about it all and being educated enough to be able to possibly turn things around. You have to be reminded of the fact that you are the future, you decide what os going to happen tomorrow, no matter what is happening today. You can steer it all around even though things might be heading south right now.

Do not let fear be the one to fool you. You rule this world both literally and figuratively. One person does matter, no matter if the statistics might make you feel otherwise. You are the difference; help make this world a good one for the future generations because you are capable of doing so.

Sincerely, Melissa.

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Something that keeps driving us forward is the way we seem to care about thing. We never want to over step because it could mean something bad if it happens too fast or in the opposite way you had hoped everything will play out.

There is this little voice in our heads saying that whatever we do will have a significant say in what will happen in our lives, good or bad. Of course it could be the case but how many times does it actually happen? Even though we always seem to be able to tell ourselves that we only have one chance there is only a select moments that can not be re-done better and in the correct way. Just because you mess up it does not mean that your life just falls into pieces, rather, you learn and know what you are doing wrong.

At times it takes more than making that same mistake once to understand what you are doing wrong and that you should not be doing it. Sometimes it takes more time to learn than other times.

I am not writing this because I am fearless but because I might be one of the people who is most affected by caring too much.
Just because you believe that you are someone who does not care does not make you one. I learnt that the hard way. No matter how little or how big the deed is I find myself paralysed at times, unable to make a move even though I know that it is when I take that loop that the best things happen in my life. I am well aware of that the best things happen outside of your comfort zone yet I find myself in a minor heart attack every time I take a leap because I care way too much.

The reason I write this for you is because not only do I want to better myself, care less and live more I want you to learn from my experiences because they are the only things I am an expert on. This is just me telling you that the world will not end because you sign up for something that may potentially fail. Whatever you may do might better you and your life, not matter what it is. And if it does not better your life you can always get up, brush the dirt off of yourself and start again because you are stronger than you think.




Something came up in my life that I never in a million years thought would resurface. It was something that strongly reminded myself both of how much I have and how much I haven’t changed. It’s like the world was playing with the the way that I used to feel and the situation I was on. Looking back at it was all so abstract.

There are so many times in life when you look back and you just realize how different you are, how much you have grown as a person but there is always a part of your past-self that is whispering forbidden words into your ear. Maybe you aren’t so different after all.

It is so easy to call yourself stupid for what you once thought or felt but as soon as you put yourself back into those same shoes it all makes sense, almost as if you are sucked back into the same situation you hated with all of your heart.

Think about it this way; you learn and grow everyday, no matter the situation that decided to show up again. You’ll be presented with two options when it happens, either you smile, laugh and let go or you stop in the middle of your tracks and just think about how things would have played out if it would have gone the way you wanted.

But it didn’t and you survived. Everything happens for a reason and the fact that the reminder might have poped up might have just been to show you how much you have grown or to give you a glimpse of what is to come. Never look down upon yourself, past, present or future.



(This is not a sales pitch though it might sound like one.)

The law of attraction, a subject that has broadly been spoken about throughout the years, especially since The Secret came out. Some people might feel as though it might be stupid and others might believe in it all heartily as I do. But what is it?

The law of attraction is the concept of you being able to shape your life by the positivity of your thoughts, something that may seem as something hard to grasp. It might seem like a concept that is out of this world and one only for the optimists of this world. How many times have you thought about something and it just pops in front of you out of thin air? It has all happened one time or another. This is the Law of Attraction at work, doing its thing and bringing whatever you summoned into your life to you.

Many of you might have already stopped reading because it sounds like hippie talk, something that I once thought too until I thought a bit harder. Whenever I thought about something real hard, I though about it truly happening it did and it seems to be the only (somewhat) logical answer. This is exactly why the happy people around us always seem to have the most positive outlook on life because they have attracted it all into their lives.

I know it sounds weird but you truly have to look deep within yourself and search for answers to have a better life. You have to learn to put time aside to just be with yourself and do whatever makes you feel better. When you start setting that regular time aside for yourself you will notice how you growing more and more thankful for everything around you, making you happy for what you have. Thus your life will be more positive because you are letting your positivity sine though.

As said so many times before, you have the power to make your dream life, no matter what. You just have to set time aside to shape your life. Be conscious and make every single second of your life count.