I’m just going to go right out and say it. Us teenagers, we do not actually know what we are doing. Not matter what the school system says. You are supposed to know what you want to do for the minority of your life at the very beginning of it.

I’m sixteen, how should I know what I want to do until I’m sixty? Right now you are at the age where you should be doing, not choosing. Because It is only by doing that you truly find what it is you really ought to be doing. If you are lucky you might have just found it, your passion, the one thing you are a master at. Everyone has their one thing but the sad truth is you do not get the enough time to do things and there are a whole lot of people out there working with something they absolutely despise or they think they are not talented because they have not found their thing.

Even though I strongly encourage everyone to stay in school, I know for a fact that I am going to. But that does not have to stop you from doing and finding your craft. There are always excuses to be made but do not make them this time. There is a whole world to be found and there is a craft that you are the absolute master of. Just go out and find it before it is too late.

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Gratefulness; from the word grateful.

feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.
“I’m grateful to you for all your help”
Many of us all know the word and its meaning but have you really truly felt it? You might be saying that you are feeling grateful but are you really or are you just feeling a brief swush of thankfulness that lasts for the time that you are opening your christmas presents?
I was like that; saying thank you and being briefly thankful for everything that I have but that did not seem right. If you are grateful, shouldn’t you feel thankful, grateful for an extended amount of time for things that are not materialistic, things that you can not really buy in that way.
I never really understood the whole be grateful thing. Wasn’t I already? I mean I was thankful for being where I was but I did not really genuinely feel it until just a few days ago. It just hit be. Dang, I’m lucky to be where I am. I am lucky to be living, to have a family, to have friends, to have an education and for having the opertunities I have. Because not everyone does. Not everyone has the opertunities that you hold. They do not have the advantages or sometimes even the minor disadvantages you have.
Just think about it. Think about it in a different way from how you have before. Don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel grateful for who you are and what you have?

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Call me crazy but I am someone who cant talk about something I am not a 100% sure about before I am sure it will happen. I hear a lot of people everyday, constantly talking about how they are going to do something; it might be starting a blog, becoming an actress or starting a YouTube channel and they are over the top.

They are sure it is is going to happen. They are going to become so big and so famous and all of their dreams are going to come true…until they do not.

Some people might think it is weird that I do not go around and talk about things until they happen. Until I am confident in the project and I know it is going to get an awesome kick start. Sometimes, even when the things happen it is just my closest friends who knows it is in the process or that it has happened. But I do not want to jinx it. I do not want to take away the opportunity I have just because I am overly-confident in something happening before it is happening.

Even I take it one step at the time. Why should other people take whatever it is to the finish line before I have the chance to. Call me crazy, call it weird that I believe in those kinds of powers but if it is meant to happen it will whether you have told the whole school or just your nearest family.

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No matter who you are, we have all been caught up in numbers somehow. Whether that is how many A:s you got last semester, your weight or how much you have in your bank. It does not make it easier as social media grows bigger and bigger.
Now, on top of other problems you get caught up on how many people followed you, how many friends you have and how many people liked your last post.

When you have a blog, one question that you inevitably get is How much traffic do you get? or then you get the implement of that you have to have a lot a traffic to continuously write a blog.

The reason I am writing this is just some days ago I got a message from a person I have only known for a glitch in time, saying that they love reading my blog and that it might even mirror the kind of personality traits I have. That made me happy. It has happened some times before when someone unexpected says something unexpected about my blog and what I write and honestly, that is the purpose of me writing and this blog.

What I want to try to do is to share my thoughts and feelings about somethings that I know I am not alone with (sometimes I am very alone in my sentiments, but that is not my point), trying to show whoever might be reading my blog and mysteriously clicked on the link and got here that they are not alone and that you have the power within you to do what you want to do with your life.

I started this blog first and foremost to have a creative outlet; somewhere to write, somewhere to express my thoughts, somewhere where I can just spew out whatever is happening in my head even though I am definitely not getting the traffic some people might think I am. But it is not about how many people have reached you and skimmed through your words. It is not about the numbers. It is about whether you moved something in someone, whether you got them to think. It is not and never will be the numbers that dictates what I put out there and what I’m saying. It will always be raw and you will never be alone, I am there with you.

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In this day and age people worry too much about what people think about you; Is it okay if I look like this? Will he think I am weird? Will they think I’m not as good as they are?

Of course It is harder said then done but here is my advise; Ignore them
If YOU feel good with the way you look then it is their lose if they do not like you the way you like yourself. You have tendency of first and foremost thinking about how others see you, how others see you and what others are saying about you when you are not around to hear their opinions.
That is where you take the first faulty step. Do not let them have a hold on you. Please yourself before you please others.

Think about whether YOU want to wear a specific outfit on a specific day.
Think about if YOU want to laugh even though your laugh is the weirdest thing you have ever heard come from a human’s mouth.
Think about if YOU want to go to that party all your friends are going to or if you just feel like staying at home because YOU have been working hard on YOUR down time and you need to cut some slack.

You have to learn to cut yourself some slack because of course people will judge you. That is just how the humankind works but do not let that shape you. Let them judge you for being comfortable in your skin, in your style and in your actions. Do not let society control you, because you are you. You are not a product of per pressure or the ideals the world has manifactured. Do not be afraid to be or act differently from the norm. Do not be afraid to be unique and be 100% YOU. Because YOU are one of a kind. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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