In this day and age people worry too much about what people think about you; Is it okay if I look like this? Will he think I am weird? Will they think I’m not as good as they are?

Of course, It is harder said than done but here is my advice; Ignore them
If YOU feel good with the way you look then it is their loss if they do not like you the way you like yourself. You have a tendency of first and foremost thinking about how others see you, how others see you and what others are saying about you when you are not around to hear their opinions.
That is where you take the first faulty step. Do not let them have a hold on you. Please yourself before you please others.

Think about whether YOU want to wear a specific outfit on a specific day.
Think about if YOU want to laugh even though your laugh is the weirdest thing you have ever heard come from a human’s mouth.
Think about if YOU want to go to that party all your friends are going to or if you just feel like staying at home because YOU have been working hard on YOUR downtime and you need to cut some slack.

You have to learn to cut yourself some slack because of course people will judge you. That is just how the humankind works but do not let that shape you. Let them judge you for being comfortable in your skin, in your style, and in your actions. Do not let society control you, because you are you. You are not a product of peer pressure or the ideals the world has manufactured. Do not be afraid to be or act differently from the norm. Do not be afraid to be unique and be 100% YOU. Because YOU are one of a kind. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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Yes, that up there, that was me a year ago. Let’s just say it was not the best decision I made. I had just turned fifteen years old and decided first and foremost to chop my exceedingly long hair off.
Hating the cut I got I thought why not take it one step further and do something even more dramatic. What would be better than to full on bleach your hair and go for platinum? Amanda Steele was doing it so why couldn’t I?

To say the least I had a small “middle age crisis” if you could even call fifteen middle-aged. I thought to myself “Darn, in one more of my lifetime I will be thirty. I should do something marking the beginning of a new life and do something with my life. I might as well bleach my hair”

Let’s just say I am never going blonde again because looking back I don’t think I really could pull it off the way it should have been. I was born a brunette for a reason.
Of course, I would not have known this unless I had done it in the first hand and had the courage to do it in the first place.

See, if you don’t try your hand at something, go wild and just do whatever comes to your mind you will never learn anything different about yourself. No matter what you think, you do not know everything about yourself. You have a whole lifetime to learn things about yourself. You have a whole life to learn from your mistakes no matter how prominent the decisions might feel right after you have taken them. Life is a game of trial and error so go out there and take the risk. You might learn something about yourself you never knew.

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Being a teenager in these media times you realize that the pressure of looking or being a certain way gets to an individual in a whole other way.
Daily we are surrounded by images which are slowly shaping our perception of how things are supposed to be, even though we stand on both sides of the dilemma.

Unknowingly these ideals grow on us. They would not have to, but they do none the less. Every advertisement we see, every model we admire. Sometimes it takes a toll on us and makes us feel bad about ourselves; how we look like and how we live our lives. But the images we see are almost always staged, even though the model is striking the “there is no camera here”-pose. Posing is their jobs.

At the same time, I’m not blaming anyone, I do this too. Every time I think about posting something on Instagram or anywhere on the internet, I want it to look good. I want people to think about each picture I post looks good. I do not want to show the world my triple chin of which only some “lucky” Snapchat friends get to see.
Most people only want to show the best side of them, aside from all the sad grunge-pages put there.

I guess what I’m trying to say is to try to not compare yourself to what you see out there in the interwebs and just be who you are. You are amazing just the way you are, you do not have to change unless you want to by your very own will. Because you are unique and no one is exactly like you.

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There is something that has always been banged into our heads, ever since we were little. That was that hard work always brings us the good things, after all, they say Work hard, play hard and not Play hard, play harder.
There are always some points where you just stop and realize that you might be starting something that might be life-changing, whether that may be a new job or a new relationship or something in between. Sometimes it might be something that might not be particularly fun right now but when you get past it will lead you to the gold pot on the other side of the rainbow.

I know that school has just started for a lot of us and I myself have already had to start studying pretty much almost every day. Sometimes it might seem tough but you have to think about what is in it for you in the long haul. I mean Bill Gates did not just sleep during his work on Microsoft. It takes the effort you put in to make something wonderful happen. Just remember not to overthink it because that is not good either. Maintain that balance; work and live and you will make wonders happen. Just believe in yourself, even in the toughest of times and remember that I believe in you, whoever you are.