In our high speed, high-stress day-to-day lives it is hard not to worry. We worry about small and big things, whether they have an impact on us now or later. I think we are all aware of it but sometimes you just get these groundbreaking realizations. Something happened at the beginning of this week and I want to continue thinking in the same tracks for the time to come; I realized that worrying simply does not help us in any way. It is the other way around, as soon as we stop worrying, the easier it is for our lives to take their shape.

Whether we know it or no we are always attached to something, a feeling or an object that projects some kind of feeling when in your possession. I am aware that it is hard to let go of things that are dear to you, even though you know that it does more harm than good to you.

I have had this problem with chasing a feeling for as long as I can remember because I have always been a dreamer. In this particular situation, it is the fact that I always seem to fall for the idea behind something or someone before knowing the full story. But I let it go, organically and a weight just lifted off my shoulders.

It is true what they say. The best things do happen unexpectedly. Of course, this is not me telling you not to take steps into the direction you want to go but rather that you stop putting so much energy on the pursuit and let it come when it is meant to.

There is no need to worry if you are sure about what you want with your life because you are the person that makes it all come to life.




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