Why everyone should look up to Elon Musk

If there is one thing you should know about me is that I have an overwhelming amount of love for Teslas. Now, I know what you may be thinking; “Well, there went my interest. Everybody is into Teslas” and I will not deny that I found my love for Teslas through pop-culture, through rich people bragging about their fancy cars. But it has become more than that.

The more I fell in love with the car, the more I learned about it and the founder of the brand, the more respect built up in me. Wow – if I could condense my feelings into one word it would be Wow.

Elon Musk is a name that more and more people are starting to learn about whether it is through his SpaceX, Tesla or just simply hearing it at random, the name is out there. There is so much that you can learn from Musk and how he goes about his vision of the future.

Although masses have doubted the way Musk has seen the future. He has been on the verge of losing everything he invested in his companies but also what he personally holds. Some might see him as somewhat of a crazy person, trying to change the way people think about the world and start the shift to a more sustainable world. It seems like a big task for one man but he has done exactly what he has decided to do. It is the quality which I find the most admirable in Musk.

He does not stop at doubt or at what others might see as impossibilities. He sees his goal, analysis it to find the steps needed to get there and goes out and does the work that is needed to make the vision he has a reality.

The truth is that you do not have to be a super-genius to do what you want to do. All you have to do is get out and do the work. Stop making excuses and spending hours stalling by scrolling on various feeds and get out and take steps towards your goal. With hard work and dedication, everything is possible.


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