Finding a Path

So, it has been awhile. Honestly, it feels like I have written this same post at least three times in the course of the past four years I have had this blog. Life gets in the way so easily and time slips through our fingers.

I guess where I want to come with this is the fact that people do stuff because they feel as though they have to and not because they necessarily want to. There is this immense pressure that pushes us into a zombie-like state that keeps us going through our daily lives. And yes, I am aware that this might turn out to be yet again, one of those sappy blog posts that I used to write but it is quite honestly the way I look at life.

Ever since before I started writing and blogging on the internet I have had this huge passion and love for expressing myself and feelings in the form of words. Everything just feels so much easier when it is written down but I think I came to that point where I forced myself to write at least one post once a week and just go with a set schedule, even though it did not feel right. I was either writing from force or I was writing the exact same thing that I was always writing. I got lost in the pressure, in the need, and in the numbers.

The truth is I do not have that many readers as some might think despite the fact that I have my own domain and I started my blog not caring about who was reading. I just wanted to get my thoughts out there and maybe help encourage people to follow their own path in life. But somewhere I got lost in the world of the internet and the numbers that it presented to me.

This is me saying I am sorry for getting lost and for losing my purpose in writing. I am back but I am not going to force anything out of me, meaning that there will most probably be an irregular post. I am young and I am still finding my path but my writing will always be there, the way I want it to be.





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