Solving Climate Change is the Key to Everything

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There seems to be this fear throughout the world at the time, a fear based on everything happening in the world. It is like a large portion of the world’s population is scared for the world to end…or at least that a lot is turning bad. Whether it is about inequality, LGBT rights or even politics in general.

What scares me the most is that no one really seems to care about the one thing that could lead our species into extinction; the environment. With the climate change that is occurring, there may not be any of us left to fight for further rights. Earth has always made it, has always been able to recover but it’s the species living on the planet that need various conditions to expand their race.

Aren’t you scared? The rising sea waters may lead us into moving further into land and we are already overpopulated. Where are we going to go? Yes, there have been various fluctuations in the temperature of the planet but it has not been like this before.

The rising temperatures can naturally be reversed if we let it, meaning that we have to keep the temperature at where it is and not worsen the conditions. What may not be so clear is that we can all aid in this fight. Even though it may seem pointless for you as an individual to change a habit it could help so much more than you think. If you make an example other people are bound to follow.

It is us that control the politics and the politicians within. They feed off our needs and need our voices to succeed. Together we could establish laws, putting forth taxes and such that in turn forces us as the population to control our consumption of various different things.

We have to continue to educate each other on the consequences of the change for it is only together that we can make a real change. Even if it would only be The US that would start acting on the environment as Sweden has the world would be getting into a better place.

We can do it together, we can make the world a better place.


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