Am I Ruining My Life?

Photo by Cornelia Ekvall

Am I ruining my life? A question that keeps lingering in our minds throughout our lives, each time for a different reason. It is almost as if you start to question your whole existence and what you may or may not be doing wrong to reach your dream life. It is exactly this question that gets us to start questioning our goals and ambitions in life, whatever they may be. We start doubting the road we picked to get to our goals, causing us to confuse ourselves and moves us backward.

No matter what you are thinking right now, you are not ruining your life. I can safely say that. I have been their many times. It’s like you look upon your life and ask yourself if you are doing enough or if you are doing too little. Life is playing a game but you have to be strong and determined in the road that you picked.

Whenever you feel doubt settling in, take a deep breath and remember where you come from. Remember why you picked your path in the first place and remember that if that path no long suite you, you can always change. But if the path you picked leads you to exactly where you want to be you have to pause and take a minute to yourself and just breathe. You can make it. Don’t doubt what you are doing because you fear that you’re doing something wrong. You never stop learning new things. Every moment life is trying to say something to you. Follow the whisper. You are stronger than you think and you are capable of anything, whether it feels like it or not.


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