Do Selfies = Egoism?

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Something that I think we have all thought at one point or another is if the amount of selfies we have on camera roll accounts for our ego. Does it matter and does it make you an egoist if you take selfies?

Honestly, no one thing defines our personality or the person we end up being in the long run. Our egos tend to be a subject that is very individual and sensitive. Just because you have pictures of yourself it does not mean that you are an egoist. At least not in a bad way.

You see, I have thought about this countless times, coming to a different conclusion each time. The biggest theory I came up with was that Selfies were mostly taken by the people who felt insecure in how they look and how others view them. This since they would look at the pictures, reminding themselves of how nice they look instead of being sure about their beauty, not needing pictures to remind them.

Now that I really think about it I don’t think that selfies are for insecure people at the same time as I do think that they are kept and taken to remind you of your beauty. There is this human need within us to be someone that people like looking at, even though we might not admit it. It is not as bad as it might seem. Vise versa, it is a good thing, especially in this day-in-age when we are surrounded with media, feeding us expectations all the time.

No, you are not an egoist. You are a beautiful being that deserves to be reminded of your beauty!

What do you guys think?


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