Why You should Write

Writing. Something that almost feels like second nature. It is something that just feels normal by now. Every time a post comes out my mom always seems to ask the same, flattering question “How do you write like that?”. To be completely honest I have no idea. My fingers just seem to dance over the keyboard whenever I feel like something needs to be said, important or not.

I do not think you really understand that feeling until you start dedicating a bit of your day to just sit down and write something. It could be a journal with all of your thoughts, a fictional peace or even a poem. Writing is a way of expressing yourself that is nearly impossible to do in any other medium. It is a way to put all your thoughts down.

Therapy might be a word that pops up when it comes to talking discussing the benefits of writing. The reason being that no longer does your brain have to grasp all of your complex thoughts and aspirations but it is down on paper, reducing stress.

Just as any other craft people seem to use the old excuse of “But I don’t know how to”. If you really have the will to do something you will try and try until you get to the goal, no matter what it is. As humans, we tend to stop before we even started. Just because words don’t speak to you in the morning does not mean that you are not a great writer. Everything has its time and writing is something everyone should try, no matter what level you are on. Everything evolves.


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