Study Motivation


Something that keeps popping into my life is the need for motivation, especially when it comes to studying. When you have dedicated a big chunk of your life to studying you kind of have to live with it throughout your daily life whether or not it is something you wanted.

I have chosen a route that might not be the best for you but it a route that has always been in my thoughts. Sometimes the difficulty just pops into your head and you have no idea how you would be able to come up with the stress and the tasks that you have accepted into your life. Even though you doubt yourself or your ability to chase your dreams no matter if it is academic or not you will be able to do it if you really want it and if the road was made for you.

We all lose motivation at times but it is whether you sweep yourself off of the ground or not that assists you towards your goal or away from it. Just remember that everyone around you is either going through the same struggle as you are or they might have already gone through it. A cliché is the quote It get’s better but it truly does if you let it. Life will reflect your actions in your life. Continue to keep your head up high. You will make it through this.


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