The Stigma of being Religious

This may be a very touchy topic for some but it’s late and I felt something needed to be said sooner or later.

Everyone has their own belief system, whether that is somewhere along there being a God, multiple gods or the belief just having to do with energy and the universe. The topic being so tabu in today’s world is something that I never think that I’ll get over. Freedom of religion is a thing but do we still feel as though people don’t just read us for what we believe?

You see, I live in a country if which is really secular in my eyes. Religion is something that is often avoided as it’s a topic that can cause a lot of discussions. I understand that. Even though a big part of people who know you and the faith of which you belong respect you, I still feel as though there is that initial shock. You? I would have never guessed!

It’s almost as though you have to be a certain stereotype to belong. That’s when you almost feel like you have to explain that just because you belong in a certain faith does not mean that you think like the “heads” of the belief.
We’re free-thinking individuals. We don’t have to think like everyone else does.

Because I believe in God and in the Catholic Church does not mean that I agree to 100% of what the church says. Just as much as you are not just a certain way in you are Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Mormon etc. does not mean that all the people of the belief think in one certain way.

Just think about it before you think of someone as their religion. Get to know them first and you will get a better view of who they really are. We are not our religion even though our religion is part of us.


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