Give yourself a Break


When studying in High School and College it is very easy to get stuck in studying. You constantly want to be on top of your game and the deadlines are always stressful. Of course, you want to be the you can be but there is always a time when you forget that all you need to do is take a break.

I am attending the IB, a program that is very hard and academically demanding. Through the hard way, I have learned that it’s when you least want to and least feel like you need a break is exactly when you should take a break.

Taking a day or a night off is okay, no matter how much you have on your plate. Being tired and worked to the core will just make it worse when you actually need to sit down and study. Not to mention you will decrease stress and feel better all over.
Remember to reserve time for yourself to stay in tune with yourself. You have a bigger chance of making it if you take it as it comes, one step at the time.


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