Self Love is The Key

Because of all the models, plastered upon our daily lives you put unreachable expectations on ourselves to be or look like something you could never really achieve. This leads to you always putting yourself in different situations that make you doubt yourself as well as look down at yourself.

Many people in this generation have problems when it comes to the picture of yourself. You always manage to find new ways to dislike your appearance, whether that is your weird, hidden toes or generally the way you look when you check your reflection.

I know that this is a topic that is widely spoken about by our generation and by many activists. There should not be media that puts unreachable expectations on you. But what people seem to neglect at times is self-love.

You are told not to hate yourself for how you look and that you are to accept yourself but you are very rarely told how to go about it. It is almost as if you are set for disaster. But I want to help you as best I can.

Now, I can’t say I am confident, that I love myself and how I look all of the time. I know I can do better but I also know that if I don’t accept myself now, I won’t be able to accept myself at the highs of my life.

When I realized this almost a year ago, I started to look myself in the mirror and just right out tell myself that I am pretty, I am enough and I love myself. Something as little as that made me accept myself little by little.

You are the only person you are going to live with for the rest of your life. It is not worth it to despise yourself. Take small steps and as soon as you know it you’ll have accepted yourself and opened new opportunities for yourself.


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