We spend so much time focusing on the way we look like, judging the way we look and pushing ourselves down. How many times have you walked past a mirror, stopped and started to inspect yourself? How many times have you started to stare at your imperfections as soon as you meet your reflexion?

There is this weird sense of having to check your whole being as soon as mirrors stare back at us. I’m not saying you should stay away from checking yourself out every now and again but I am telling you not to start picking at anything and everything that could be wrong with you. It’s slowly picking our self-esteem apart.

As soon as you have been away from your reflection for more than you are used to, the more you start to appreciate yourself and all the features that come with being you. It’s almost as though a new light shines and you start to reflect the way you feel deep inside to how you look.

Mirrors and thinking about the external takes away from the way we truly feel whether that has to do with how much we love ourselves or how we feel in general. I think we have to start shifting our focus and stop focusing on everything negative in our reflections and start tuning into our intuitions.


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