Creative Writing


Like musicians we all need an outlet, whether that is writing a song, making a choreography, just simply speaking your mind to the people around you or a mixture of different ways to let your thoughts out. Writing has become something that I am very passionate about. It’s almost as if I can’t function properly if I don’t get to write every once in awhile. The words just flow when I sit myself next to a keyboard or have a pen in my hands. It’s like I can formulate my thoughts in a different way than if I would have spoken my thoughts.

My blog has become a very special place for me. One of which I can discuss different topics at the same time as I can my writing and better it. That is why I really want to start a new thing here. Namely; Creative Writing. I feel just as though it is the right way to go to explore writing in a different way. Try poetry, try fiction or maybe just write something based off of something that I have gone through. It’s just a way of writing thoughts down without having it necessarily be something you are certain about or it being an experience that might be just a little bit too touchy to explain.

I hope you as a reader like the path I am taking and that you are willing to stay for the journey because I have a feeling it is going to be a great one.


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