Time and time again there is this point you might reach if you are anything like me. A point where you find yourself drooling over someone you have no idea about, but they seem so perfect, so your type.

You build these expectations in your head of how things could be if only we lived in an ideal world. The way they would touch your soul just the way they do in every movie ever made.

But it never ends up that way. Instead you sit there, staring and making up another daydream. Suddenly everything is perfect before you wake up in realization again. And it just feels like you are hurting yourself by doing it time after time.
It’s constant. You don’t know hoe to change it.

You are not alone. Just a half a dozen of everyone you know of has gone through the same thing. You just have to keep your eyes on yourself and your life. Just by the shift of focus you will find a new happiness and things will come to place.
Breathe. Nothing is un-fixable. There is always a plan for you no matter how hopeless you feel.


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