Kindness & Happiness

Something that is quite underrated is the way the people around you affect your feelings. Time after time the same conclusion hits me like a bomb. It’s never just solely about you and the way you make yourself feel.

Happiness always seems to be at its strongest when it comes from others. The kindness that is reflected is something that can never really be paid back in the same way.

I was very strongly reminded of this yesterday evening when my brother was offered to meet his favorite player in the city’s hockey team. The kindness of the people behind the meeting will always stay in my heart as I could not have been happier to see how happy the encounter made my brother. It will be something that will always be treasured by all of us.

The smallest act of kindness can make the biggest of impact and I think that is something that is constantly forgotten in our isolated world.

Pay it forward and your life will be filled with happiness, no matter how big or small the deed may be.


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