Top 10 French Songs

French has been a language I have been trying to learn for the past 4 and a half years. Being one of the hardest languages I have even encountered this year seemed to have become the year I actually motivated myself to learn the language.
As any language it’s always good to listen and what better way to listen then to listen to music? Here are a few of my current favorites. Hope you like them just as much as I do. 

10. Le coeur éléphant

This calming love song has found it’s way to my heart. The soft guitar and calming voices of the talented Fréro Delavega duo could make any morning a good one.

9. Te Quiero

Stormae. A well respected French speaking artists in Europe and outside of it. This is one of his older songs but it’s still in my mind one of the most underrated of his. One for dancing at home alone, maybe?

8. Celui

To be honest I never heard about Colonel Reyel until making my French playlist. This song brings some early-2000s summer feelings to me for some reason. A real lighthearted song for lighthearted moments.

7. One Shot

One Shot. An energetic anthem by the one and only Maître Gims. Off his last album One Shot won’t fail in getting you to dance.

6. Fais-moi Rêver

This tune makes me dream just as it promises you in the title. Black M is an artist I have really grown to love. And Fais-moi rêver is not an exception.

5. Ton Visage

Yet another calm one by Fréro Delavega. This one is for when you just want to be happy but calm at the same time, or one for when you just want to daydream.

4. Là c’est die

This song really makes me happy for some unknown reason. It’s almost as if you can hear the smile on the singer’s voice when he is singing. One you could totally bust a smooth move to.

3. On s’endort

Yet another new found love. Willy William. A real dance anthem for whenever you are out partying or throwing your very own. This song truly brings energy to the room.

2. Ego

Ego. There is just something about this song that makes it one of a kind. I can’t put my finger on whether it is the sound of the toy box used as an instrument during the whole song or the rhythm that made me fall for the song. Either way it’s worth the listen.

1. Cheveux Blanc

If you know me even a bit you will know that I have been absolutely obsessed with this song for the past two weeks. Although I have been listening to it constantly I’m still not tired of it. Black M has done it again and done it magnificently. Maybe not one for the club but definitely one to listen to.


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