Life is Good

Constantly I am being told that I am not a positive person. That I am constantly drowning myself in negative thoughts; a pessimist some might say. Still, I would like to think that the closest people in my life know that that is not true.

Being positive and being an optimist is not about needing to jump up and down all the time. It is not about having to constantly be pumped about everything that happens. It is about the way you look at life as a whole. It is okay to dislike having to study. It is okay to not want to go to a certain lesson. And it’s okay not wanting to hang out with them today.

Even though you do not like something you might still be optimistic about everything else. You might be absolutely sure that you will get into Harvard or that you are going to get that job that you always wanted. It is with that mentality that you will truly succeed in life even if you are not happy about every single aspect of life.

Be happy and truly grateful for what you have. It is okay to dislike something. You can not love everything, that’s just how it is. But keep your eyes on the price and your look on life as a whole life and you will succeed in whatever you put your mind into.


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