Frightened of Writing

It’s been awhile. I guess there is no way I could come up with a better excuse than having a huge workload; something that is unavoidable when you are a part of the IB. Although I have not been active here I have had the biggest urge to write because of how light I feel after my feelings have flown into my the words that have lingered from my the tips of my fingers.

I want to be writing more but the issue is always what to write about. In a way it feels as if I have abandoned this place of reconciliation because of the fear of becoming too personal. At the same time I want to come with the ideas I hold but there is always a fright of hurting someone and feeling like targeting people without thinking about it.

I stand thinking about what to write, wanting to touch people and pressing their buttons to get them to start thinking a bit more. I guess it is time to experiment a bit.

If any of you reading this have an idea, please present them to me and reach out to me.  It would be nice to get some input and feedback. 


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