Caught in Fear

Limiting yourself because of fear; something that everyone seems to be doing but a fine few are actually aware of it. I was not a 100% aware of what I was doing until yesterday night.

While discussing the future with one of my nearest and dearest friends a lightbulb flashed in my mind, something that I really never thought about. I had been so caught in the fact that I have not started pursuing and training myself to do what I am going to pursue when I get older that I never thought of the root of the problem.
The truth is, I have not been brave enough to just take a leap in faith and do things. I have been too scared that whatever I produce will be cr*p and that it will not live up to the quality of other’s work.

How is one supposed to be good at something if they haven’t failed? How will I become better and learn if I don’t produce something cringe-worthy once in awhile?

I have decided to step out of the comfort-zone and pursue what I love and I hope you will too. It is a cliché but one really does only live once. Do what you want to and be stupid, make mistakes because that is how life happens.


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