The Key to Happiness

Happiness is something I really want to get through to you as a reader. Whether the post is about how it is to feel sad or if it is a post about feeling happy; positivity is something I want to be a spokesperson of.

People always strive to be happy, even though they might not seem to know it. Life is about finding things that assist you in feeling the best you possibly can. Sometimes it feels as though people are looking in the wrong place. Somehow we tend to be striving for other people’s happiness instead of looking for happiness in our own life. There is a tendency to think that happiness is only achievable if we have certain materialistic things but it is usually the experiences we have and the people around us that give us true happiness.

Throughout my very short 16 years, I have found to be the happiest when I have stopped in the midst of a fun time with the people I love.

I guess what I am trying to say is that happiness does not come from material or money, it comes from what you surround yourself with and if you have decided to live life to its fullest or not.


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