Expectations; something I have a constant conflict. Either it is something to strive for to help reach your goals or something that might quite literally destroy you and the view you have of the world.

Being one of those people who believe in dreaming, having hope is something I have always had, no matter what it would be about. But it is dangerous to be too excited or hopeful for something sometimes as it might end up hurting you. I always find that when I am too confident in something it never tends to happen. That leads to me constantly asking myself where the line goes. There seems to be a very fine line between being just the right amount of confident and being overly confident. It is still a mystery to me.

But life still goes on, whether or not your expectations become reality or if you ever really cared about the outcome. Sometimes the only thing you can do is bite your lip, move on and try again next time. Because that’s what life is, right? a learning experience.


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