Chasing Time.


Being a teenager, patience is something that lacks in me and many of my peers in the time when everything seems to be instant. We want things to happen as quickly as possible and we never let anything take its time even though sometimes that is exactly what is missing; time.

I have found myself countless times over thinking just because my desires did not happen at the flick of a light switch, maybe I did not get the grade I wanted in a test or maybe I did not go up to that person in the canteen. Sure, it is okay to analyze what it was that you were lacking at a certain time and space but you should not beat yourself up, at least not too much. Time needs to play its role.

Things usually have to be able to take some time whether that is optimal for an individual or not. Take a step back, put your mind on something else and you will get to the point you want to in life whether it takes 2 minutes, 2 months or 2 years. Stay patient and keep working towards your goal.


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