Autumn Blues.

The darker it gets outside the darker the thoughts inside might get too. It’s weird how the lighting and the weather can affect you so deeply. Suddenly you are overthinking everything and anything. Am I good enough? Is this for me? Can I make it?

I’m not going to sit here and lie, it happens to me every year, that sudden dip you try so hard to tiptoe around but you always seem to fall for it.
Overthinking is a killer, especially when you know it’s not even close to what your mind is saying. There are suddenly two voices in your head telling you to do the polar opposite things. It’s hard to break it and listen to the rational voice; the one you know is painting a picture of reality and not trying to make fake scenarios up in your brain.

Everything in autumn seems to be a haze. It seems to be a season filled with mellowness although everything gets a bit cozier. All you have to go is try to stay strong until it gets a bit more light. You’ll be fine, no matter what your mind is trying to whisper in your ear.



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