I want that too…

Rewind to yesterday night. Sitting in the car with Dad, joking about how I don’t have a boyfriend because I am so weird. Dad tells me a small story which might not have had that much meaning in anyone’s life. It should not have had any effect on me whatsoever. It was just a small chat, right?

Maybe it is just me, or maybe it is how the teenage brain works. Constantly worrying about things. If it is not getting into College, getting a job or getting good grades it ends up being love in some fashion.
Now, I do not want to put everyone under the same roof but I am just saying from experience.

It is just funny how a small, meaningless story about a meaningless couple at a train station can make one reflect on their own life. And I know if you are a smart, sensible person you are probably on the verge of telling me that love will come, just focus on yourself and don’t think about it. I have heard it before but when you are someone like me, a hopeless romantic, it might be hard to let the thought go.

I promise I’ll try, but I still want that too.



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