How to Be a(n) (ir)Relevant Person

Have you ever thought about how important being relevant seems to be for us? You always have to be up to date, almost as if your software has to update ever so often. You don’t give yourself enough time to adapt the way you should, instead, you stress yourself into being whatever is hot at the moment.

This was something that really came as a shock when I was talking to my friend about writing this exact blog and it came up; How youtubers and bloggers are more relevant than bloggers and writers. I’m not going to deny it as I, myself see myself catching up with my subscription list more than looking through my Bloglovin’ feed. It’s understandable that some things get a bit older than others but at the same time, not everyone is as good at one craft.

Writers might be rubbish at making videos while video makers might be rubbish in expressing themselves in words. Some (lucky) people might be able to do both just as beautiful and some might be equally good at two crafts but have a passion for only one.
It’s not about being relevant or irrelevant. It’s about giving your all in whatever you might be passionate and good at. Stop trying to put pressure on yourself when you can ride the wave and make your passion a part of your life.

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