Belief and Failure

It just hit me how I might be seen through your eyes. Some kind of sixteen-year-old philosopher.
I have always seen myself as a dreamer, as a believer in not only what the world wants to give you but how your attitude can completely change the way your life works.

I guess I am just a modern believer in that you can do anything you want as long as you put your mind into it. There is nothing that you can’t conquer as long as you let yourself believe it. Of course, it can hurt sometimes, sometimes your willpower just isn’t enough. Trust me, I know it more than anyone but don’t keep yourself laying in a hole of sadness and self-pity. Don’t let that keep you down and doubting yourself because you will just be playing with yourself. Only you have the power to get up and make your life and yourself feel better and change your life. No one can tell you to do it. Don’t listen to what they say.



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