The Age of Wonderful Nonsense

Isn’t it funny how some things just stick with you?
Some days ago we had to go through various nicknames for the 1920s and one has stuck with me since then and probably will stay with me for a long time.

The Age of Wonderful Nonsense.
Doesn’t it sound both daunting and amazing? It is funny how it is, in some way an exact description of our lives. Whether you are a busy student, working parent or just bachelor.

Life is a wonderful whirlwind of chaos, something that may sound unearthly to some and breathtaking for others. It is a phenomenon that never is picture perfect. There is a reason why fairy tales are fiction. You will never see a boy riding a beautiful white horse through the corridors but you will certainly find someone. Just because life isn’t as pure as you wish it might be you have to stay positive and all the good things will happen to you. Everything you want will come as long as you are patient and concentrate on the positive aspects of life and forget about rest.
You make your life. Your life doesn’t make you.

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