An Unlikely Purchase

You probably can see through the pictures above that I might have made an unusual purchase (at least for me). This is not in anyway me bragging about that I have bought some Dior make up but instead me saying that sometimes you might end up acquiring something you never thought you would.

Being a girl who uses make up on a daily bases I have always been one who has gone past the high end brands such as Chanel, Laura Mercier, Estée Lauder and Dior just trying the make up on as it would never cross my mind to buy make up for that price although they are generally of better quality than other, cheaper brands. I never thought of actually buying something high end because in my mind all the drugstore brands seemed to be doing an okay job from keeping me from looking like a tired monster everyday.

It was no actually until the lady at the counter approached me that I got surprised. I was in the market for “cheap” drugstore mascara when I went over to the high end section just to peruse as one does. The sales lady looks at me and asks me if I want help with anything and  since I was not initially there for the premium stuff I said no and I was ready to go. The next thing I know I am sitting on a make up chair as the woman applies a gorgeous mascara and eyeliner on my eyes and I realize that quality really does come at a price sometimes.

Trust me, I looked at my mother for a long while, asking her mentally where or not it was worth it. It was. This was of course just a special case, one of which probably will not happen until i start making money myself or until it starts to rain money.

I guess what I am trying to say is that; first of all quality has its price in our materialistic world and secondly that you never know what might happen to you.


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