Too Few Hours

Yes, I did not write the second Weekend Round up and trust me it bumbed me out but I have to honest and say that I simply did not have the time.

This weekend was one where I just took it easy and let my mind just shut down for a while, enjoying Star Trek and Once Upon a Time. Like my father so nicely put it; Sometimes you have to take a break when it is the least logical to do so. 
I had a lot to do, or so I thought. After I had taken the two days off I got back to work on Sunday and realized that the work load I had put in front of me was not as big as I thought it was, it was just a whole bunch of small assignments that seemed so much bigger in my mind. This lead to me not really prioritizing writing even though I love doing it, sometimes you just need to lay in bed and do nothing. You should try it too even though it might feel like a ton of things to do. Remember that relaxing is vital too.

(I promise to be back with something better in a couple of days but I felt like a small update today. I hope that is okay)



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