Light in The Dark

Balance; the key to everything and anything if you really think about it. There has to always be that little sadness in the happiness of your life to make you truly appreciate it a lot more.

Being someone who has just been showered in constant school work, having a down day seemed like something that would occur more than once. I have just been so happy that I have made it through almost two months of school without feeling pressure or any kind of anxiety that I have been warned about countless times before. Happiness and gratefulness has truly shed on me for the past months. I could not be happier and then yesterday came. Every rollercoaster has its pitfalls.

It is okay to have a bad day because they will always come, no matter what but do not keep thinking about it or it will slowly gnaw on you. Try to stay or become happy as fast as possible. The truth is bad days are just there to remind you how good life is and how happy you truly are.

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  1. November 16, 2016 / 5:42 am

    That’s a smart way of looikng at the world.

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