Friends. You love them. You hate them. You miss them. You wish they were not as clingy as they are. No matter what you think about your friends they are a diamond dozen. Getting older and changing schools really got me realizing that “replacing” friends is not as easy as you sometimes might think it is if you really are as close with the friends you have as you feel you are.

Getting into High School I thought my friends might replace me and that we might fade away from each other’s lives if I am going to be completely and utterly honest. But I have noticed that it does not work like that. I acted in one way when I was in my old class, they knew me and all my weird streaks and I had no trouble in reminding them of just how random I am every second I got. It takes time to find people that you truly click with and enjoy laughing with. You might not ever get comfortable with the people you see every day but the people that are truly your friends will always be there contrary to popular belief.

It took time and luck to build the bond I have with all of my friends and I am extremely thankful for having them in my life. I would never exchange them for others. That is exactly why I hate to see people who try to force themselves into friendships and clicks. If it just does not click, let them be. The real friends, they will come – no matter what. Just remember that you should not think about the number of people you know but the quality of the relationship is that you have with your genuine friends.



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