How To Be Confident

…is a question that occurs a lot in the female brain, at least in its teenage years. It has taken me a whole lot of willpower and positive thinking to even get to where I am now. And let me tell you, I have a heck of a long way to go still but it is not as bad as it was before. At the same time, there are still those days when I look into the mirror and wish I was Kylie or Kendall. I am just happy I got out of that stage where I could not receive a compliment from someone or when I really felt good about myself and when I looked in the mirror and just wished I have someone else’s face. Now I have come to the point at which I can say that Yes, I am beautiful and Yes, People will like me for who I am. It has taken so much power from within to get there. Sometimes even to the point at which I was forcing myself to think I looked at least okay.

I think the ideals that media and the society are almost forcing into us girls (and boys (just speaking from experience)) is not okay. Of course, it is good to strive to look like ones best but sometimes it just puts way too much pressure on us.
Guess what? It is okay if your eyebrows are sparse without makeup. It is okay if your eyelashes are short. It is okay that your thighs touch. It is okay that you do not have a six-pack. We were made to be unique and to look how we do. Do not feel like you have to look or be like they tell you to be. Be the You you want to be.

Because of that, I want to share something that worked for me;

Tell yourself you are Beautiful
There is this weird cliché that girls should be small and a bit weak so that a guy can come on his white horse and tell you just how beautiful you are. It will end, it will tear you apart if you do not look at yourself and say to yourself that you are beautiful and every girl or boy will like you because of that. People tend to mix up being cocky and being confident when there is a clear difference. Just because you know you look good does not in any way make it okay for you to think you are better than everyone else. Being confident will shine through and you will be glowing in a way you never thought could be possible.
Whenever I truly feel pretty I notice how all the people around me start complimenting me which makes me feel even more beautiful. Honestly, the feeling is truly indescribable.

Do not look in the mirror too much
One of the biggest struggles I personally have it not to look in the mirror. I mean it is right there across my room. Looking at it is almost unavoidable but you will feel so much better when you keep the staring to a minimum. You know how you look like, you have seen yourself, almost, from the very beginning. If nine knows every detail of your face, it is without a doubt you.
Looking in the mirror for too long, for more than just putting makeup on and brushing your teeth you will slowly start to point out everything “wrong” with yourself. Be that the slight angle of your nose or that little pouch of your stomach just after Thanksgiving dinner. You will honestly feel so much better and regain the confidence you did not think you had.

Do not compare yourself to others
In this day and age, this might be the hardest advise to follow. There are not only an insane amount of pretty girls around you in school but there is a humongous amount of pretty girls on Instagram. This is definitely not me saying to go and unfollow those girls, walk around the school with a blindfold and do not make friends with the pretty girls. This is just me telling you not to compare yourself with them. Admire them. Just do not compare. We are all beautiful in our own ways and we have to realize that.

A little of a controversial one but I always feel that bit more confident when I am in a gym routine. No, I am not trying to force you into a gym membership or forcing you to workout if you do to enjoy it but it can make you feel so amazing. Hitting the gym and reaching some goals makes you feel like you are immortal like you can do anything. You slowly start accepting where you are and understanding that you will reach your goals because you are constantly striving for it. Plus it does wonders to your brain.

If you made it this far in the post; I hope you gained something from it and that you give it a shot. You are beautiful and I believe in you.



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