Weekend Round Up

What is this? You might be thinking. Is Melissa actually writing about something else than deep, sappy inspirational posts?

Yes, yes it it. I actually pitched the idea to my dad. I felt like, although I have found what I like writing about I still want to write about the normal Blogger things such as Entertainment, Style, Lifestyle and Health & Fitness, even though I feel like I do not have the broadest experience in those fields. So I thought; Why not make it a once a week thing? There ought to be something in one of those fields I feel like I have loved in a week, Why not write about it?

Here it is, the first Weekend Round Up:

Lately I have been loving having my hair in a low bun. Do not ask me why because I will not have a good answer. I did not even know that a low bun existed until I stumbled upon a random hairstyle video just some weeks ago. Not wanting to always have my hair either in a high ponytail or hanging down my shoulder I tried it and fell in love. It is the perfect way of keeping your hair away from your face at the same time as it look careless in that really pretty way.

It feels weird to actually write it down but I did not really start caring about what I wore until last year. I always felt like I had a style but it was one I did not have the bits and pieces for. I guess that is why I do not really keep fashion as the core of my blog but my mom recently gave me something I have been so in love with. Namely it is this nude, faux suede trench coat. I have never, ever owned anything like it. It feels so soft against your skin, it has pockets which is amazing for when you have a billion things that you want at your side at all time at the same time as it can make any simple outfit just that bit better.

A re-found love for an artist I have always loved. If you have not heard anything by Jon Bellion you should definitely check him out as soon as you get the possibility. His music is on a whole ‘nother level than anything that you hear today. Bellion truly has a talent and all of his tracks are worth listening to a little extra. Both the music and the text is true my amazing.


As well as finding the love I have had for Jon Bellion and his amazing music I have also found the love I had for Once Upon a Time. With this weekend not being full of homework and studying it felt like a perfect time to dive right into it again. I have really got to say that the writers’ imaginations are amazing and they have truly been able to bring a magical world to life on the small screen.

Health & Fitness
Recently I have gotten to that point when I actually enjoy being in the gym. Not only the weightlifting part but also the cardio part which I still partially hate but it helps you leave the gym feeling like you actually did something before your butt starts hurting the day after from all of the squats you did. Cardio is amazing for you but as you all know people tend to overdue it as they think cardio is the only root to fat loss. Combining weight training and cardio is definitely the best for you and your endurance. Saying this sounds weird because I have always disliked cardio but sometimes you have to give props to less liked ones.

Last but not least I have found my old obsession with oats. It might sound weird but oats are amazing in any form. Whether it is oats in oatmeal, overnight oats or oat milk. With the right ingredients oats do not only taste amazing but they are also amazing for our bodies as they are filled with fiber and good carbohydrates for our bodies. Needless to say oats have become a great staple along with my beloved bananas.


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