What is it with us teens? We constantly worry. You can’t simply just take it easy because then you might as well be a hippy or high on something. There is this weird thing of needing to know how everything is going to end up, a weird thing with wanting to know everything.
It would be weird not to crave the knowledge of what the future acquires but we have to learn to concentrate on the Now nothing is going to ever happen unless you take action now and do whatever it is you want to set up to do. You will be stuck in your place unless you stay in your comfort zone because everything will just end up being as they are now.

I have to be honest; I am saying this for the both of us. I have learned that I am that kind of person who needs a little push, mentally to get myself to do something. Or better yet I find it is that best time to step out of your comfort zone when you do not have time to think about it. This is when it is okay to think a little bit into the future. This is when you can think to yourself; Will this make my future self happy? Will it make my future self better in any way? 

Yet you should not dwell on it for all too long or you will end up overthinking. That is a given. Instead of thinking about the merits or the contacts you may receive by doing something you think about how awkward you might be when you meet a group of people for the first time. You never think about the long run.

It is all about keeping it relative. Look into the future but do not stress about it. Think about the Now but also think about what your future self will think about your actions now. You just have to keep everything in balance and you will make it no matter what and even though you would take a step towards the wrong way, it does not mean that you are doomed. There are always ways out of things. Just do not worry. You are young. You are free. Live.


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