Hopeless. Helpless. Clueless.

Being a teenager has its weird strings to the feeling of being hopeless whether that is within school work, personal life or something else. Sometimes you feel stuck and just want to get out. You feel like you are not able to breathe. Everything is so overwhelming; Should I have a boyfriend? Am I focusing enough on maths? Will I make it through French class? Am I doing enough to get into the college I want to get into?

Take a deep breath. I am saying this to both you and to myself. It is overwhelming to grow up. You go through things you would not have dreamt about. Suddenly you have a lot more to do, you have a lot more things that you can do and you have to make decisions that will affect you for at least some years into the future.

Even writing this I hear a small voice inside of me screeching, telling me that there is too much to do and so little time to do it in.
Should you keep your eyes on the prize and sacrifice some of the free time of which you could have spent on your friends and family or should you set your focus on them and sacrifice a piece of your grades? Or might there even be a third choice of being able to balance everything?

All I have to say is that if you really want something you will be able to do it, no matter how hopeless it feels. If the will is strong enough a way will show itself. Anything is possible no matter what others think and what you think. Do not stress yourself you will make it. You will be able to make your dreams and ambitions come true no matter how far away it might feel.



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