Being a Geek?

Not having shared a lot about myself but a whole lot about my innermost though, I thought this would be a perfect time to combine the two.

Most of you probably will not know this but I recently started the pre-International Baccalaureate Diploma Program which in short means I started something that some people might, and do summarize as Hell. IB is a program for people who want a challenge, who want to become international or want to get the best opportunity to get into the College of their choosing whether that is to keep studying in the country of which you live or studying in abroad.

It might be too soon to be talking but I honestly do not think it is half as mad as my peers made me believe. Having IB be the best choice for my future ambitions it felt like the best choice for me at the same time as I was bracing myself for the worst.

80% of people who enroll get some kind of mental instability.
It’s too much pressure too soon.
Why not wait to stress until college.

Those were somethings I kept hearing over and over again until I decided to stop listening. Something will only be able to break you if you let it.
Yes, there is a lot of work but if you are willing to put your all in you will be fine. If you keep yourself organized and on top of things you will not have any bigger problems. Believe in yourself and think positively and you will make it whether this is your first school year or your third.

To tell you the truth when you are cornered into having to study you realize that it is quite interesting even though it might be frustrating when you do not understand but put your mind into learning and you will understand eventually and do not be scared to ask for help. You are not dumb because you have asked the teachers for help a billion times you just want to understand the concept. Everything gets better with your view on things. You can not go into something saying that it is going to ruin your life because then you will let it. Be strong because you can make it through it even though it is a so-called Hell.

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