We have this weird tendency as humans to put things under categories, making it easier for us to see the world instead of having to speculate things. You know that your bed is soft it is labeled as something comfortable. This is something that makes it easier for us to distinguish the difference between things and it makes complex things a lot more comprehensible. But we have this urge of bringing that to people.

Damn, that guy looks good, all the girls must be after him. 
She’s always in the library, she must be a geek.
His grammar is so bad he must be dumb.

You always draw conclusions from someone’s minor actions. Seeing someone solve a complex math equation always connects to them having to be smart. But they might as well have been working extremely hard to understand the concept.

You always tend to paint the whole picture although all you see is a little corner of the canvas. Just because that girl cares about how she looks and is drop-dead gorgeous does not mean that she cannot be smart or that she does not enjoy hanging out with the “geeks”

This brings a weird kind of obsession within us of having to fit into a group although it is totally and utterly okay for you to be a mix of everything, crossing the boundaries of the ideals we create. Just because you like to study does not make you a geek that no one wants to hang out with, you can still be smart and concentrate on your studies while growing your social life.

Do not pressure yourself to fit it. Be yourself and do not care how other people see you and what group they put you in. You make up the roles, always remember that.

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