Gratefulness; from the word grateful.

feeling or showing an appreciation for something done or received.
“I’m grateful to you for all your help”
Many of us all know the word and its meaning but have you really truly felt it? You might be saying that you are feeling grateful but are you really or are you just feeling a brief swush of thankfulness that lasts for the time that you are opening your Christmas presents?
I was like that; saying thank you and being briefly thankful for everything that I have but that did not seem right. If you are grateful, shouldn’t you feel thankful, grateful for an extended amount of time for things that are not materialistic, things that you can not really buy in that way.
I never really understood the whole be grateful thing. Wasn’t I already? I mean I was thankful for being where I was but I did not really genuinely feel it until just a few days ago. It just hit me. Dang, I’m lucky to be where I am. I am lucky to be living, to have a family, to have friends, to have an education and for having the opportunities I have. Because not everyone does. Not everyone has the opportunities that you hold. They do not have the advantages or sometimes even the minor disadvantages you have.
Just think about it. Think about it in a different way from how you have before. Don’t you feel it? Don’t you feel grateful for who you are and what you have?

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