Jinx ?

Call me crazy but I am someone who can’t talk about something I am not a 100% sure about before I am sure it will happen. I hear a lot of people every day, constantly talking about how they are going to do something; it might be starting a blog, becoming an actress or starting a YouTube channel and they are over the top.

They are sure it is is going to happen. They are going to become so big and so famous and all of their dreams are going to come true…until they do not.

Some people might think it is weird that I do not go around and talk about things until they happen. Until I am confident in the project and I know it is going to get an awesome kick start. Sometimes, even when the things happen it is just my closest friends who know it is in the process or that it has happened. But I do not want to jinx it. I do not want to take away the opportunity I have just because I am overly-confident in something happening before it is happening.

Even I take it one step at the time. Why should other people take whatever it is to the finish line before I have the chance to. Call me crazy, call it weird that I believe in those kinds of powers but if it is meant to happen it will whether you have told the whole school or just your nearest family.

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